Group Kaiser Broker San Jose

Looking to Become a Group Kaiser Broker? Here are the Things You Need to Know.

Becoming a group Kaiser broker seems to be coming with many rewards, especially if you’re good at selling different types of insurance plans. However, you may want to learn some important things about doing business with the Kaiser Permanente in order to get the most out of the opportunity.

So let’s take a look at those things.


First things first, when it comes to small business group plans, you would usually be earning 6.5% on the group plans you sell directly. Also, the rate won’t fall below 5% even in the 6th year, as it apparently does with some other companies.

When selling to groups of 51-100, however, you would be getting a flat rate of 4.5% as compensation.

Details about the different types of plans

Kaiser Permanente allows the small businesses to purchase Covered California for Small Business (formerly known as SHOP) plans. It also lets them find and compare different plans, helping them go for the right one.

As for the brokers, the Kaiser Permanente periodically offers bonus programs for selling memberships. The bonus will be determined in the same way as it is for getting new members through the Covered California for Small Business coverage or directly.

Migrating to ACA plans

With the introduction of ACA bringing about many reforms in the insurance industry, many employers would want to shift to ACA-complaint plans.

Kaiser Permanente would allow your clients to do so, given they have purchased a non-grandfathered plan. Also, the new ACA-complaint plan will be similar to the old one, so that it stays relevant to the business’ goals.

Employers will also have the option of shifting to any of the other four metal tier plans offered by Kaiser Permanente.

Finally, there may also be no restrictions for those who want to stick to their old grandfathered plans.

Tax Benefits

You, as a Kaiser Permanente broker, would have access to many different informational resources, and it would include the ones that help you learn about the tax benefits.