The Benefits of Small Group Insurance and Small Groups Benefits Administration


The Benefits of Small Group Insurance and Small Groups Benefits Administration

The best investment you can make for your business is in your employees. When you have employees, you must ensure that you protect them. The way to protect them is by offering them the benefit of group health insurance with your business. With group health insurance, you can give your employees affordable health care while working for you. The only problem is most employers don’t understand what small group health insurance is and the benefits that it offers to your employees. In this post, we hope to shed some light as to what small group insurance is, how you can use it to protect your staff and how you can go about getting this insurance for their business.


Small Group Health Insurance

With small group health insurance, an employer can offer the benefits of health insurance to their employees. Small group health insurance helps to make insurance more affordable for employees. If an employee were to get insurance on their own, it would cost them a lot more than if they were to get group insurance.

Affordable health insurance is also a benefit for an employer. When insurance is more available, your employees are more likely to take advantage of it by having checkups more regularly. With regular checkups, a person can prevent illnesses from early. Regular checkups result in healthier employees and more efficiency for your business. By now you should have a better reason why small group health insurance is a benefit for your business.


How Small Group Health Insurance Works

An insurance company can offer group health insurance at a discount. By creating a pool of people who will be on this insurance, the risk is spread evenly. When the risk is spread like this, each employee gets equal benefits.

With small group health insurance, an employee can see a doctor included in the network for cheaper than if they were to go to a doctor on their own. This offers an enormous financial benefit to the person who obtains this insurance.


Getting Small Group Insurance

Finding the right plan for your business starts with knowing what type of protection your business needs. Taking the time to sit down with a professional insurance company is how you obtain this information. As a small business, you can purchase insurance plans:


  • Through a private website
  • Through a public SHOP online marketplace
  • Through a licensed health insurance agent or broker


Overall you want to work with a company that has a trusted reputation and one who will work with you to assess your situation. Once they assess your situation, they then create a plan that best suits your business. One such company is Kaiser Permanente.



Small group health insurance is one of the most important things you can include in your business. There’s no better way to build the confidence of your employees than having the benefit of better healthcare. Doing this will allows you to protect your employees and their families which then increases their productivity. Invest in your employees by investing in small group health insurance.


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