A Guide To Group Dental Insurance Plans

A Guide To Group Dental Insurance Plans

Most insurance plans you get usually protect against major illnesses and other unexpected things that happen in life. This coverage is good, but you need dental insurance to take care of your dental health. Dental insurance allows you can take control of your oral health.

The Definition Dental Health Insurance

With a dental health insurance plan, you won’t have to worry about expenses when you got for a dental checkup. Without having to worry about costs, it becomes easier to maintain your oral health. Oral health is just as important as your overall physical health, which dental insurance important.

Individual dental insurance can be expensive. However, this isn’t something you have to worry about when you opt for group dental insurance. A group dental insurance plan means you’ll pay a lower premium rate and gain the benefits of having this type of insurance.

Types of Group Dental Insurance Plans To Consider

By now you should be thinking about getting group dental insurance after knowing the benefits it offers. If this is the case, here are three main types for you to get.

Preferred Provider (PPO)

A dental PPO also functions identically to a medical insurance PPO in that the process of choosing a network of a group of doctors and groups of dentists is the same.

To get the most out of this type of insurance means you’ll have to get your oral health care done by a dentist included in the network you’ve chosen. If you still opt to use a dentist outside of your network, you’ll have to pay more money.

Dental HMO

A Dental Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) functions the way a PPO works in that it also features a network of dentists. The main difference with this type of plan is that you must use a dentist included in the system. Doing gives you the kind of coverage you need.

If you use a dentist that’s outside the network, you’ll have to pay for all the expenses yourself. This insurance is a good option when you need to have expensive dental procedures done as it will cost you less.

An Indemnity Plan

This type of insurance is designed for a person who wants to use a particular dentist that’s not a part of a network. The way this plan works is that a patient pays all the expenses up front and then reimbursed for some of the total cost.

If you would like to stick with the dentist that’s a part of a particular network, then this is not the type of plan you’ll want to use.


Dental health is important, and you must do everything that you can to take care of it. Individual dental health insurance can be expensive which is why you should opt to go for the group dental route. By getting group dental insurance, you get affordable dental health care provided by dentist included in your network. Get group dental insurance today and take care of your dental health for a lifetime.


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