A Group Health Insurance Plan

Health InsuranceOne of the main factors that people considers in accepting a job offer is the insurance coverage that is being offered by the company they’re applying to. Therefore, for employers, it is very crucial for them in choosing what coverage they should be offering to their employees to improve retention percentage and in attracting new talents as well.

Most insurance companies offer affordable and competitive insurance coverage. Thus, they opt to offer a group health insurance wherein more than half of the American employee population is covered under. In this type of policy, employers are the one to acquire the insurance for their employees and shoulder half or most part of the monthly contribution. And since it is more about getting coverage due to a common cause than a necessity, it would still cost less than purchasing individual plans. So this will result into a win-win situation on both sides. And this is the reason how health insurance benefits is the most popular among company offers.

A Premium Only Plan allows members to make their share of contribution on a pre-tax basis. This is the type of plan most employees in the U.S is covered under. They are not taxed for company contribution as well which makes this heavily subsidized in terms of taxation.

Are All Policies applicable to all types of companies?

Based on laws that govern in a particular state, health insurance policies may actually vary. Moreover, the comprehensive health care reform law enacted in March 2010 (Affordable Care Act (ACA) also enabled the federal government to lay down several regulations on such insurance plans.

The same applies to those with self-acquired plans or those working in small or minor companies. Hence, there are differences in the laws for the coverage offered and the premium when working in a small company, which is considered to have less than or equal to 50 full-time employees and a large company with larger number of heads mentioned. This leads us to the conclusion that not all policies are the same.

Lost Group Insurance Coverage

Thanks to the federal Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA), individuals who have lost access to group insurance due to job loss, incidents, or any other reasons, may still be allowed to keep their group coverage for a certain time. Most are even given the privilege to enjoy unlimited group coverage.

Though proven beneficial, this may not be applicable in some states wherein COBRA does not exist.  However, better options that offer ample benefits are provided.  Consider going through the benefit summary booklet provided by your employer for more information with regard to how this may affect you. Walnut Creek







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